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June 2016

Pink embers in the ashes

by Chris on 24th June 2016

Not everyone feels hopeless about today’s European referendum result. Those on the winning side feel hopeful that they have ‘their country back.’ We have been told repeatedly that theirs is an outward, globally focused hope. But it feels to me like a brittle, hard hope. A cold, contorted hope which far from looking out at […]


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My safe European home

by Chris on 18th June 2016

I should start with a confession. I haven’t pored over coverage of the European Referendum for months. If anything I’ve avoided it. It’s not that I have no interest in the outcome. Quite the reverse. But I’ve no real interest in the debate. Because for the most part, it’s ranged from tedious to downright offensive. […]


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Politics: time to stop the rot

by Chris on 17th June 2016

I didn’t know Jo Cox. But I’ve met many MPs over the years and count a number of them, past and present, as personal friends. In the immediate aftermath of her tragic death, I felt the urge to contact those I know well to say that I was thinking of them. And so I understand […]

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Je suis Orlando, Je suis LGBT

by Chris on 13th June 2016

I went to George Square tonight. Just like any other night on my way from the office to get the train back through to Edinburgh. Except it wasn’t like any other night. Because rather than scuttle by to reach my train home, I stopped for an hour at a vigil for Orlando organised by Free […]


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