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July 2016

After the Named Person judgment

by Chris on 30th July 2016

The debate about the Named Person scheme hasn’t been pretty for a while. But it took a new ugly turn this week. And it’s one that should concern us all. The debate has long been a noisy one, not just loud, but shrill. You could be forgiven for not knowing that the scheme was actually […]


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How Long Lost Family reeled me in

by Chris on 23rd July 2016

I was sceptical about Long Lost Family. The programme began in 2011 and I missed most of the first two series. I dipped in and out a little because I thought I ought to. I was chair of an adoption agency and I knew that each time the programme went out there was a spike […]


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We have changed normal

by Chris on 14th July 2016

We haven’t changed the world but we have changed normal. And Justine Greening’s appointment as Education Secretary today is a remarkable indicator of that progress. Achieved in just one generation.


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On writing and endeavour

by Chris on 8th July 2016

‘We could stretch our legs if we’d half a mind But don’t disturb us if you hear us trying To instigate the structure of another line or two Cause writing’s lighting up And I like life enough to see it through’ From Writing by Bernie Taupin on Elton John, Captain Fantastic and the Dirt Brown […]


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