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On the death of a friend in shot gun alley

by Chris on 30th October 2015

On Monday I lost a good friend in shot gun alley. I’m told that’s a term for our 50s. The idea is that if you make it through the random fire of premature death you’ll probably live to a ripe old age. I’ve no idea of the veracity of the claim. But on hearing of […]


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Pits and Perverts: the magic of LGSM

by Chris on 4th October 2013

Last night a new play opened at the Derry Playhouse. Pits and Perverts is written by Micheal Kerrigan and is about an extraordinary moment in British labour history. It tells the story of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM). I wrote about LGSM earlier this year in my blog about Margaret Thatcher’s legacy for […]


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There are occasions when the blogosphere becomes consumed with one event. The passing of Margaret Thatcher was inevitably just such an occasion. Within no time she was trending on Twitter. And then an avalanche of blogs and comment appeared from every part of the political spectrum. For many who lived through her premiership and were […]

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